Pakistan Pediatric Journal is, a peer reviewed, official publication of The Pakistan Pediatric Association. It was decided in the second biennial conference of Pakistan Pediatric Association (Centre) held at Lahore in 1976 to publish the Pakistan Pediatric Journal from Lahore, Pakistan. The first issue was published in 1977 as Pakistan Pediatric Journal, ISSN No.0304-4904. Since then, the journal has been published without interruption on quarterly basis. This journal covers clinical and research work on all aspects of the health of children and adolescents. The manuscripts are categorized as original research articles, review articles, case reports, short communication and special feature articles in the field of pediatrics. The official language of Pakistan Pediatric Journal is English [American (US) English]. The journal is distributed to all members of The Pakistan Pediatric Association, medical colleges, libraries and related institutes locally and abroad.

Prof. SMK Wasti was the first Chief Editor of the Journal and from 1977, he continued till March 1993. During his tenure, he guided and trained the team with his wisdom, experience, dedication and commitment to improve the child health services on national level. Thus he put the journal on sound footing. Prof. S M Haneef took over as the Chief editor from Prof. SMK Wasti in April 1993 and continued till December 2003. He also followed the footstep of Prof. SMK Wasti. He also by his academic and clinical expertise not only trained his team but also saw the journal to grow and sustain. Prof. Said ul Haque was appointed Chief Editor in March 2004. Prof. Said ul Haque was associated with Pakistan Pediatric Journal since 1978 in various capacities, as Senior Bibliographer; Managing Editor, and Editor before becoming the Chief Editor. He was instrumental in getting indexation in various national and international indexation agencies of repute including EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, etc. Prof. Muhammad Ashraf Sultan was associated with journal since 2004 as Managing Editor. After the death of Prof Said ul Haque in 2015 Prof. Sajid Maqbool was appointed as the Chief Editor and Prof. Humayun Iqbal Khan as the Managing Editor. Mr. Nazir Ahmad is associated with journal since 1989 as office secretary.